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Mixing Up Concrete

Streamline your next construction project with the help of CHOATE CONCRETE of Conroe, Texas. Specializing in volume-metric concrete, our team provides a mobile batch plant in order to mix your concrete fresh on-site to your exact specifications for your convenience.

Our Clientele

CHOATE CONCRETE provides service for a variety of residential and commercial customers, such as concrete contractors who complete the forming and finish work for construction projects, water well companies, sign companies and pool builders who need pool decking. We also work with homeowners who want a new driveway, sidewalk, or back patio on their property.

State-of-the-Art Measurements

Our professionals utilize a 2016 truck equipped with the newest technology in volume-metric machines. Complete with a streamlined computer on board, we are able to load our machine, so it will drop the desired amount needed based on volume. It can keep track down to a tenth of a yard of what we mixed, meaning that we can produce exactly what you need. We also give you a detailed computer printout showing the exact measurements for your records.

If you need more concrete than what you originally calculated, our professionals can produce the extra concrete right at your location for you. While most companies suggest ordering more just in case, CHOATE CONCRETE understands that you do not want to waste any product by ordering too much. That's why we always have extra on-hand for your convenience. We normally offer between 1 and 10 yards of concrete per truck.

Types of Concrete

2,500 PSI | 3,000 PSI | 3,500 PSI | 4,000 PSI | 4,500 PSI | 5,000 PSI | Flowable Fill | Stabilized Sand

Setting the Standard

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials™ | American Concrete Institute™ | American Society for Testing & Materials™

Concrete Bar Tops are Among Our Specialties

Specialty Concrete Projects Concrete Bar Tops Durable Concrete Bar Tops

Videos of Our Work

2300 foot water well in Walden, Montgomery, TX

Bardwell Flat Work